Stores that have cool merchandise.

I remember when I was growing up Suncoast was my absolute favorite store. I mean Suncoast had everything from anime dvds, manga, japanese snacks, collectibles, etc. When all Suncoast stores closed I was upset because I thought there would never be a store that was like it, but I am going to share some of the stores that are pretty neat and have items that people with similar interest may like. Barnes and Noble, yes I said it Barnes and noble they have manga, Funko collectibles, cool games, etc. I bought a lot of manga from Barnes and noble, and they have good cleareance on their items daily. Hot Topic of course is another store that reminds me of Suncoast. They have good anime apparel, accessories, makeup, and most recently K-pop apparel. Anybody that likes anime, K-pop or who likes things that are consider outside of the box will love Hot topic, plus they have good deals and offer coupons all the time. 2nd & Charles is a good store that has everything. Manga, comics, apparel, anime dvds, games, guitars, funko collectibles, used games systems, Japanese candy, etc. Lastly, a new store called Box Lunch has everything a otaku and 90’s baby could ever want from apparel, collectibles, etc, I will admit the prices are a little high for my liking, but they do offer coupons, and they have deals from time to time.I hope these stores will stay in business for a long time and if you don’t have a store near you check them out online.

3 thoughts on “Stores that have cool merchandise.”

  1. You’re lucky, you live in America. I live in New Zealand and where I live we have one store that sells manga with yellow pages


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