Crush looks cool with blue hair!

I watched Crush’s new music video ‘Cereal’ featuring Zico, I absolutely love the song and video.  The music video is colorful along with Crush’s blue hair, which looks awesome!  The melody is very catchy too.  Zico brings a good flavor to the song as well.  I love when Crush and Zico do collaborations because it always sounds good to my ears.



Next on my anime watch list is the anime, ‘Fuuka’.  From reading the summary of the show it sounds like it will be interesting.  I am a fan of anime that has music in it.  Plus it seems like there might be a love triangle involve with the characters.  I can’t wait to watch the show!  If you seen the anime already or read the manga tell me your thoughts about it.

Kiss him not me butthurt!

I finished watching the 12 episode anime ‘Kiss him not me’, and I must say I am upset by the ending.  Why am I upset?  Because she chose no one to be her lover at the end.  I ship the main character Kae and Mutsumi so hard.  Mutsumi is such a gentle, kind, sweetheart.  I think they would of been perfect together.  Besides the disappointed ending, I still liked the show.  I might continue to read the manga too.


Mutsumi aka gentle giant.

Image result for kiss him not me kae

Kae you should of chose Mutsumi.

If you seen the show who would you ship Kae with?

‘Dance the night away’

Twice’s new summer single ‘Dance the night away’ has been released today.  I just watched the video, and I think the bop and melody are pretty good.  It defiantly sounds like a summer song.  I find that when I keep listening to Twice’s songs the more it grows on me.  If you have not seen the music video check it out and tell me what you think.

Take time to help others.

My family and I were talking about the 4th of July.  Luckily everyone has the day off.  We all decided on that day to check on our family members who are up in age and see how they’re doing.  Sometimes people (including myself) can be self absorbed and think about all the things that they want to do.  If you have time and you are blessed, be a blessing to others and help people that are less fortunate out.  When you help people that are in need you really do feel joyful and good inside.  Like my mother said you can not be blessed if you are not  blessing to others.

Flavors of youth.

I saw the trailer for the anime movie ‘Flavors of youth’.  I tried to see what it was about, but the summary had little info on it.  I know the producers of the hit movie ‘Your name’ worked on this, so I am really curious to see the movie.  ‘Flavors of youth’  will stream on Netflix August 4th, 2018.  If you have not seen the trailer check it out.