Social Media Break

Sorry for being away so long. I am taking another social media break from Instagram and plan to return Lord willing in January, 2022. Social media can be fun. I met a lot of cool people as well as made genuine connections with them. However, you have to unplug from time to time on social media. I don’t want to let social media control me and make it my everything. I do have a life outside of social media. And being away from social media has helped me to get back to doing old hobbies that I enjoyed doing years ago.

Panel discussion on colorism amongst black female content creators.

We had a panel discussion with a lovely group of women of color about colorism within the black community of female content creators. It was such a great discussion that definitely needs to be talked about more. A question that I have for anyone who happens to come across this post is why is colorism such a touchy subject to talk about?

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Under The Oak Tree

Under The Oak Tree is a historical romance drama by Sooji Kim. The story takes place in the medieval times and follows a young woman named Maximilian, who has a stuttering problem and a abusive father. Her father is a Duke who forces her to marry Sir Riftan a knight of a lowly status. Now being a wife, her husband Sir Riftan leaves for an expedition. He returns three years later and is now a famous knight. If your interested in reading this Web Comic you can find it on and you can read unlimited episodes on the Manta Comics app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. New episodes are published every 9th, 19th, and 29th.

Anime Movie Recommendation|Ride Your Wave

Hey guys! Please check out this amazing anime movie, “Ride Your Wave” If you enjoy romance and drama, then you will enjoy this film. Hinako mourns the death of her boyfriend, Minao. After his death, she sees his spirit whenever water is nearby. Will their love last?

Here is a video that we did recommending Ride Your Wave on our YouTube Channel.

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WebToon Recommendation|Down to Earth.

Hey beautiful people. I wanted to share a WebToon that i am obsessed with called Down To Earth. The WebToon came out on January 2020. And it was created by Pookie Senpai. The main character of the story Kade is antisocial and simply comes off to be cold. He has his reasons as to why he behaves in that manner. One day he finds in his backyard a spaceship that crashed. Inside is a cute alien girl named Zaida. He takes her inside and she does a telepathy to understand Kade’s language. She then explains to him that she left he planet Zodia to start a new life on Earth. Kade is a little hesitant on letting Zaida live with him, but he feels sorry for her because she has no where else to go. He gives her the guidelines that she must follow in order to stay in his home. After that it’s a whole adventure with Kade and Zaida. If you are into sci-fi, comedy, and romance definitely give this WebToon a read. You can find this WebToon on and you can download the WebToon app from the google play store on to your phone. I also have a video that I did recommending Down to Earth if you care to check it out.

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2 new videos on our YouTube


This weekend was very productive for my sister and I.  We uploaded 2 new videos on our YouTube channel divas on a dime.  We had so much fun recording ultimate anime edition, which is a game we played asking 10 questions relating to anime.  My sister also did a story time about a creepy guy we encountered at a convention.  I think anyone who attends conventions can relate to the story time haha.


Finally made a YouTube channel!

I know I was talking about starting a YouTube channel for a minute, but I finally did it.  My sis and I started our channel together and we will have content on our channel from vlogs, anime, cosplay, fitness, fashion, and randomness.  Our channel is called divas on a dime and we have uploaded 2 videos so far.  We hope to grow our channel, and we also hope that our videos will bring joy to people.  Honestly, I am very excited to start this YouTube journey.  Anyone who reads this post please like, share, and subscribe it would be so appreciated.  We promise for more videos to come soon.