Space Jam 2

I remember watching Space Jam when I was a kid.  Watching Michael Jordan playing basketball against aliens, and having Bugs Bunny and the other Loony Tunes characters on his team put a smile on my face. I found out Ryan Coogler who produced Black Panther will be producing Space Jam 2.  Not only that, but basketball icon LeBron James will be starring in the new film along with Bugs Bunny.  I loved the first film, so I hope Space Jam 2 will be just as good.

Flavors of youth.

I saw the trailer for the anime movie ‘Flavors of youth’.  I tried to see what it was about, but the summary had little info on it.  I know the producers of the hit movie ‘Your name’ worked on this, so I am really curious to see the movie.  ‘Flavors of youth’  will stream on Netflix August 4th, 2018.  If you have not seen the trailer check it out.

When Marnie was there.

I just watched the movie ‘When Marnie was there’.  I must say this was a great drama. I don’t want to give away too much of the movie, but the story deals with a young introverted girl named Anna who is sent to stay with her relatives in the country for the summer for health reasons.  She meets a young girl named Marnie who lives in an abandoned mansion.  As the two young girls friendship begins to grow, Anna learns things about Marnie that will change her life.

I am not going to lie the movie made me cry.  The main character goes through an emotional journey. If you haven’t seen the movie please check it out.  And if you are sensitive you need to keep a box of tissues to the side.

Napping Princess

I recently watched a anime movie released in 2017, called Napping princess. The movie is 1 hour and 50 minutes. The genre is fantasy/adventure. The main character of the movie named Kokone has weird dreams of a fantasy world called, Heartland where certain events happen in her dreams, but somehow events that happened in the dream world start to take place in the real world when she is awake. This was a excellent movie and was beautifully animated. If you have not seen it please check it out.  The movie is on Youtube english dub, or if you prefer sub, I promise you will likey.

Blade of the phantom master.

I likey this movie. Youtube recommended Blade of the phantom master to me, and I am happy that I watched it. The movie came out in 2004, and is about a 1 hour and 50 minutes long. The Genre of the movie is action/supernatural. The main character kinda gives me a vibe like the character Spike from Cowboy bebop. He is wanderer who crosses paths with some interesting characters, as well as fighting cannibals and zombies. I promise you, if you like action and supernatural movies you will not be dissapointed. I also think there is a manga of the movie as well.

Stores that have cool merchandise.

I remember when I was growing up Suncoast was my absolute favorite store. I mean Suncoast had everything from anime dvds, manga, japanese snacks, collectibles, etc. When all Suncoast stores closed I was upset because I thought there would never be a store that was like it, but I am going to share some of the stores that are pretty neat and have items that people with similar interest may like. Barnes and Noble, yes I said it Barnes and noble they have manga, Funko collectibles, cool games, etc. I bought a lot of manga from Barnes and noble, and they have good cleareance on their items daily. Hot Topic of course is another store that reminds me of Suncoast. They have good anime apparel, accessories, makeup, and most recently K-pop apparel. Anybody that likes anime, K-pop or who likes things that are consider outside of the box will love Hot topic, plus they have good deals and offer coupons all the time. 2nd & Charles is a good store that has everything. Manga, comics, apparel, anime dvds, games, guitars, funko collectibles, used games systems, Japanese candy, etc. Lastly, a new store called Box Lunch has everything a otaku and 90’s baby could ever want from apparel, collectibles, etc, I will admit the prices are a little high for my liking, but they do offer coupons, and they have deals from time to time.I hope these stores will stay in business for a long time and if you don’t have a store near you check them out online.

Peach Girl live action yaaas!

I am happy there is a live action movie of Peach girl. I am very late about finding out, but I am willing to check the live action out. I know some live action of anime/manga are sometimes not the best, but I have been a Peach girl fan when I read the manga back in 2005. If you haven’t read the manga or seen the anime check it out. I really don’t want to give the whole story away if you haven’t seen it, but all I can say is high school, backstabing, love triangles, and some humor. I hope the movie will be just as good as the anime and manga.