WebToon Recommendation|Down to Earth.

Hey beautiful people. I wanted to share a WebToon that i am obsessed with called Down To Earth. The WebToon came out on January 2020. And it was created by Pookie Senpai. The main character of the story Kade is antisocial and simply comes off to be cold. He has his reasons as to why he behaves in that manner. One day he finds in his backyard a spaceship that crashed. Inside is a cute alien girl named Zaida. He takes her inside and she does a telepathy to understand Kade’s language. She then explains to him that she left he planet Zodia to start a new life on Earth. Kade is a little hesitant on letting Zaida live with him, but he feels sorry for her because she has no where else to go. He gives her the guidelines that she must follow in order to stay in his home. After that it’s a whole adventure with Kade and Zaida. If you are into sci-fi, comedy, and romance definitely give this WebToon a read. You can find this WebToon on http://www.webtoon.com and you can download the WebToon app from the google play store on to your phone. I also have a video that I did recommending Down to Earth if you care to check it out.

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