Finally made a YouTube channel!

I know I was talking about starting a YouTube channel for a minute, but I finally did it.  My sis and I started our channel together and we will have content on our channel from vlogs, anime, cosplay, fitness, fashion, and randomness.  Our channel is called divas on a dime and we have uploaded 2 videos so far.  We hope to grow our channel, and we also hope that our videos will bring joy to people.  Honestly, I am very excited to start this YouTube journey.  Anyone who reads this post please like, share, and subscribe it would be so appreciated.  We promise for more videos to come soon.

What have I been doing?

I know I keep posting out of the blue, but I just been working on gaining my confidence, following my dreams, and accomplishing my goals. As some of you guys know I also am a lover of fashion, but I am very frugal with my money.  My sister and I started an Instagram together showcasing our fashion looks, but on a budget.  We just want to show people you can dress nice and save money.  If you want to follow our Instagram here is the link

I’m back!

I’m back.  I was spending time with my extended family, as well as enjoying life.  I really want to be more productive with my blogs, I know I should be posting more.  What’s new with me is that I have binged watched ‘Violet Evergarden’ on Netflix with just two episodes left for me to watch.  I am telling you my box of tissues have been sitting next to me when I watch the show.  I am glad that I gave the show a chance its really a well written show and the scenery and music is so soothing.

Image result for violet evergarden

I also will be moving to a new home soon, and hopefully in November be attending my favorite anime convention, so I’m really am not sure if my posts will be consistent.  Like I said, I want to post more on here and once I’m settled in my new home I hope to have consistent post.  Plus I decided to start posting videos on YouTube too.  I been putting it off for a long time and I decided I am going to do it and post videos.  A new home means new beginnings so I am going to go for it!