Convention horror story.

I’m sure anyone that has gone to a convention has atleast one or more horror stories to share. I thought I would share one that has happened to me at a convention. It all started at the rave, yes the rave. I love attending the rave at cons. I love to dance, listen to music, have my glowsticks, overall have a good time.

When I was at the rave some guys  asked me if I wanted to dance with them. I’m not a mean girl, I politley told them no thanks and continued dancing the night away.  There was this one guy in particular who was a creep. I was in the zone dancing and this guy comes out of nowhere touching my shoulders from behind. Fun fact about me, never touch me if I don’t know you, and definately don’t stand close behind me.

This guy was lucky I didn’t go ‘super saiyan’ on him. I turn around and give him the don’t bother me look. He then says, “I been hanging in that corner watching you the whole time dancing”.  When he told me that I gave him a wtf look. He then asked me if I wanted to dance. I told him no, but he would not take the hint. He asked was I single, where was I from, and what cosplay will I wear the next day.

I didn’t want to make a scene, so I acted like I didn’t hear him, and I avoided him at the rave. I would like to think that this guy was socially awkward and maybe a little shy around girls, but my goodness did this guy creep me out. If anyone else has con horror stories please share.

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