True Beauty

So I started reading a new webtoon called ‘True Beauty’ and I am hooked allready. The plot of the story is about a high school girl who is drop dead gorgeous and social media famous for her beauty. The guys are stunned by her, women admire her, and she has a killer bod.  Her secret to looking this beautiful is makeup.  Currently there are three chapters that are posted, but I really think this webtoon is going to be great.

The last two chapters showed the main character’s past and how she was considered the ugly duckling in the family and when she attended middle school. She wanted to be considered attractive like the mean girls at her school and get attention from her crush too. Watching video tutorials through trial and error she mastered the art of makeup.  In my opinion makeup or no makeup she was allready pretty.  The main character is also a fan of different rockbands and the Junji Ito collections.  If she was a real person I would definately be friends with her.  If you are into webtoons seriously check this one out.

6 thoughts on “True Beauty”

  1. I started reading it on YouTube, it was more interesting to me while listening the music..
    Here the link if you want to see it too..


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