Where have I been?

I know I have not posted lately and I apologize.  I have been getting pieces together of my cosplays for a convention that is three months away.  I also have been spending more time with my family, and I am expecting my extended family to visit next weekend, so I can’t give a specific date when I will post again.  I also been thinking a lot about starting a YouTube channel and talking about various things from anime, fashion, vlogging, etc.  I just am a little nervous to start posting videos.  I don’t know if its my calling, but my friends and family keep telling me you need to start a YouTube.  I even bought a new camcorder specifically for that.  Not to mention I have visions and dreams of my channel turning into a success and inspiring others.  I just have to not let fear win and just do it.  If anyone has advice for me in starting a YouTube channel please share.

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