Kiss him not me butthurt!

I finished watching the 12 episode anime ‘Kiss him not me’, and I must say I am upset by the ending.  Why am I upset?  Because she chose no one to be her lover at the end.  I ship the main character Kae and Mutsumi so hard.  Mutsumi is such a gentle, kind, sweetheart.  I think they would of been perfect together.  Besides the disappointed ending, I still liked the show.  I might continue to read the manga too.


Mutsumi aka gentle giant.

Image result for kiss him not me kae

Kae you should of chose Mutsumi.

If you seen the show who would you ship Kae with?

2 thoughts on “Kiss him not me butthurt!”

  1. Read the manga and you’ll have the answer about who Kae chose in the end. It’s just a shame that the anime only covered a few chapters and there’s no season 2

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