TBR tag

So I was nominated by fellow blogger, IRINA to do the TBR Tag.  TBR stands for To be read list.  TBR tag ask that you name a book for each letter of your name.  I will use my nickname momo for the TBR.

M- is for Macbeth.  I like Shakespeare, and Macbeth is a story that I would actually love to read again for the second time.

Image result for macbeth

O- is for On the prowl.  This book is about Werewolves, and yes, I love werewolves.  I cosplayed freaking Clawdeen Wolf haha.

Image result for on the prowl

M- is for Marley and me.  I seen the movie and I cried so much.  I never got to read the book, and I hope I don’t cry after reading the book.

Image result for marley and me book

O- is for one for the money.  I am a fan of mystery/suspense genres, and this looks like a good read.

Image result for one for the money book

To make this post more fun I will post anime for each letter of my name too.

M- is for Maburaho.  I started this anime too many times I tell you, and I have not finished it yet.  I must watch again and finish.

Image result for maburaho

O- is for Oh! Edo Rocket!  I tried to watch the show and I could not get into it, but I will try to give it another chance.  If your a fan of the show please don’t judge me haha.

Image result for oh edo rocket

M-is for Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai.  Once again this is an anime I really need to finish.  Is anyone else a fan of this show?

Image result for Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai

O-is for Oh! Family. Yes a anime that I have not started and did not finish.  As you guys know I am a fan of the old school anime, and I am a sucker for the slice of life genre.  This show I would like to see.

Image result for Oh! Family

This was a fun tag.  You should try it!

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