Be kind.

You always feel better inside when you’re kind.  At my job there was a woman needing help to find a certain book.  I had a project I needed to get done that day, so I was a little worried about getting it done. While I was in the groove of my work a woman approached me for help to find a specific book that she needed.  I know my job requires multitasking and providing customer service is a big part of it. I walked with her and showed her where the book was at that she needed.  After I helped her, I asked if she needed anything else and she told me no.  As I was about to go back to what I needed to take care of she stopped me.  I thought to myself, please not an annoying customer, but she instead told me it meant a lot to her that I provided good customer service.  I felt convicted because earlier I wanted her out of my hair to get back to my project.  I thanked her for giving me a compliment, and she told me helping her made her feel so happy.  After she left I did feel good inside, and I finished my project that day too.  I learned that being kind not only makes the person feel happy, but you feel good inside as well too.

2 thoughts on “Be kind.”

  1. Yeah giving good customer service and being appreciated for it, is always a nice feeling. You get some really horrible customers though. Well done AGB :D.

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