Anime you wish you could be in.

Yes this is a silly topic, but sometimes you would like an escape from reality.  When you are watching certain anime do you sometimes wish you were in the anime?  Here are a few anime I wish I could live in.

  1. Kanon– I really am not a winter person and this anime made me cry, but the colors of the show are so vibrant along with beautiful scenery.


2. Snow White with the red hair– I love fairy tales/adventures plus this anime puts a twist to the classic fairy tale.  Not to mention the scenery is perfect especially if you love nature.


3. Super Gals– I never been to Japan and main character, Ran make Shibuya look so fun. I wish I was there haha.


4. Inuyasha– I would love to be in Feudal Japan fighting demons, and looking for the Shikon Jewel shards with Inuyasha and the gang.



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