Love the skin you’re in.

A lot of people tell me all the time how thin I am, and that I need to eat more. As long as I can remember I have always been thin. I used to feel so insecure about how my body looked that I would try my hardest to gain weight, but I just couldn’t. I used to wish that I could be shaped more curvier. I started working out two months ago and its helped a lot with my confidence.

I am more concerned about being healthy from the inside,and having my inner beauty shine through. Everyone is different and we are beautiful in our own way. My body is my temple and I would never do harm to it just to fit in today’s society of what is considered beatiful.

2 thoughts on “Love the skin you’re in.”

  1. It’s more to do with your metabolism, I think. Some burn off food faster than others. My rl friend eats tons of food (mostly sweets) but never gains much weight.


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