April seems to be the month of movies that I want to see. Rampage will be in theaters April 13, 2018. The genere is science fiction/action. Dwayne Johnson aka the rock’s character is a Primatologist named Davis Okoye who partners up with a genetic engineer and military to find an antidote to prevent a global catastrophe from a gorilla, lizzard, and a wolf that grew to enomormous size from a experiment gone wrong. The movie is based off of the game Rampage by Midway games. I remember in the 90’s I used to play Rampage World Tour on Playstation. Those were the good old days.1435366206786
I am ready to see this movie. When Dwayne Johnson is in a movie it is awesome!

3 thoughts on “Rampage”

  1. I really enjoyed playing rampage and travelling the world eating interesting people. I somehow don’t think a movie version of this is going to go well but sometimes they surprise us. Maybe they even came up with a real plot.


    1. Yea that’s true. Sometimes movies that are based off of games turn out to be a dud, but I also want to see the movie because Jeffery Dean who plays Negan from The Walking Dead will be it in too. I have my fingers cross this movie will not flop.

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