Persona 5 anime series

OMG! I am excited for April 7th. Persona 5 anime series will be released on that date.I enjoyed the video game so much, and I am happy to know Aniplex has licensed the series in the West. The story line will pretty much follow the video game. A new student transfers to Shujin Academy, he later discovers he has a persona after a incident, and together with his friends they form the “Phantom Thieves”. Changing hearts of the corrupt by stealing their deranged desires.The wait is on, and I am for certain the anime will live up to my expecations just like the video game did.

6 thoughts on “Persona 5 anime series”

  1. If I recall, there was a promotional movie just before the release of the game. It didn’t really keep my interest. Subsequently, I avoided the game. From the looks of it, it plays way too much like 4. I played that on the PS2 xDD.


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