What’s your anime hair color?

So I was taking a quiz online to see what my hair color would be if I was in a anime. Different hair color in anime usually have a significant meaning to a character’s personality. Examples

  • Red hair- Aggressive, fiery, and head strong.
  • Yellow hair- Sometimes a Foreigner, princess/prince type of character, Rich character, Ditzy, and delinquent characters.
  • Blue hair- Intelligent, loner, and sometimes a character of few words.
  • Green hair- Upbeat, high energy type of character.  Dark green hair characters are sometimes more calm characters then lighter green shades.
  • Purple hair- Usually characters are mysterious, royalty, and elegant.
  • Pink hair- Childish usually, innocent, and naïve.
  • Brown hair- Typically a childhood friend. For the most part a normal type of character.
  • Black hair- If most characters in a anime have colorful hair, usually a black hair character is a ordinary character, however a black haired main male character is usually the hero of the show and has a very determined personality.
  • White hair- Used for a old character, Magical character, and mysterious character.

My results from the quiz is that I would have blue hair.  I think the quiz was pretty accurate.  Check out the website, and share what your results are. Here is the link for the quiz.


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